In 1889, the Lodge celebrated its Centenary and to commemorate this event, a Centenary Jewel was cast and supplied to each member. These were made in silver gilt but following a resolution in open Lodge on 25th October 1889, it was agreed that the W.M. for the year (Bro. Thomas Cohu) should be presented with a gold one. This was passed unanimously but unfortunately the jewel no longer is known to exist.

In 1989 the Lodge celebrated its Bi-Centenary and to commemorate this achievement a Bi-Centenary Jewel was commissioned to the same design. The reigning Master, the late Bro. Eric Hern, was not given a gold Jewel as current prices would have rendered it prohibitive, but also that at the time no-one in the Lodge had realised the precedent set 100 years earlier!

The Centenary Jewel is depicted on the left in the picture (with a bi-centenary bar added), and the Bi-Centenary Jewel on the right.